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As explained in the cookie banner, Sportshowroom uses several cookies, web beacons and JavaScripts, hereinafter together referred to as “cookies”.

In this cookie policy we further explain what these cookies are, where these cookies are used for and how you “as in: a visitor of our site” can change the settings of your browser to decline / accept certain cookies.

Accepting cookies is not obligatory to visit our website.

Your permission

For certain cookies used by Sportshowroom, the law obliges you to give us your permission─on forehand─to use these cookies. In this cookie policy we specify these cookies.

By clicking “I agree” in the cookie banner or by continuously using this website, you agree with storing all cookies, described below, when visiting our website. You are continuously using our website by clicking on multiple pages of Sportshowroom, excluding the following two web pages: cookie policy a/o privacy statement.

When you do not agree with this cookie policy you should not use this website.

Defining a cookie

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer, tablet a/o smartphone when visiting a website. Cookies are used by websites for authentication, storing website information / preferences, other browsing information and anything else that can help the browser while accessing servers and users when returning to a web page.

Some cookies are necessary to make the website function correctly. Other cookies are used to improve the user experience of the visitor, e.g. to securely save your preferred language a/o destination.

Cookies we use

There are several types of cookies and below we describe the ones that are used by Sportshowroom.

Analytical cookies

To improve site performance and user experience, we use analytical cookies that track how many times certain pages are visited, how long they are visited and how visitors browse through our site. Also demographic statistics are part of analytical cookies. We use analytical cookies through our in-house online management system and third parties “Google Analytics and Ahrefs” to track the kind of information as previously explained─N.B. while doing this, visitors are always anonymized.

As the impact on privacy is limited, Sportshowroom is not obliged to ask permission for the analytical cookies described above. As a further matter, other third parties might be placing analytical cookies on our website as well, when accepted by public international law.

Functional cookies

To optimize our website we use functional cookies that remember your preferences, e.g. preferred language(s), your destination and your on-site behaviour at our website. Functional cookies are strictly necessary to be able to give you a decent user experience of visiting our site, without gathering private information─as in: non-anonymous data. We use functional cookies through our in-house online management system plus third parties “Google” and affiliate / marketing partners to maintain the decent user experience as previously explained.

This includes collecting and using the following data from you with the following purposes:

Web analytics:
We might analyse your browsing behaviour and, by doing so, use certain anonymous data to improve the functionality and design of our site.

Ad response rates:
We might measure our ad response rates by analysing our ad click-through rates to make the advertisments that we purchase on external sites more effective.

Affiliate / marketing tracking:
We might share certain information about your visit with our affiliate / marketing partners and service providers, including the web pages you visit and the buttons you click on, if you came to our site through a visit to theirs. This is necessary as we may need to provide them a fee for such services.

Error management:
We might analyse and measure all kinds of errors on our site to be able to fix bugs / issues accurately.

Testing designs:
We might test the functionallity and design of our site in several ways to ensure a consistent user experience is maintained.

As the impact on privacy is limited, Sportshowroom is not obliged to ask permission for the functional cookies described above. As a further matter, other third parties might be placing functional cookies on our website as well, when accepted by public international law.

Social media cookies

To make it possible for a visitor to share certain content of our site─e.g. products / blogs─and for our social media partner “Facebook” to recognize visitor’s profile, Sportshowroom has enabled the sharing buttons of Facebook. This platform / company makes use of several cookies and for the use of these cookies and the information obtained by Facebook, we refer to the cookie policy of Facebook (at

Sportshowroom is obliged to ask permission for the social media cookies described above.

Affiliate cookies

To track our sales, affiliate cookies are placed on the product web pages of Sportshowroom. These cookies track whether a conversion has been made and based on that information Sportshowroom might be rewarded.

As the impact on privacy is limited, Sportshowroom is not obliged to ask permission for the affiliate cookies described above.


Sportshowroom has partnered up with the following companies that are or might be placing cookies on our site:

Analytical cookies:

Google Analytics, Ahrefs

Functional cookies:


Social media cookies:


Affiliate cookies:

Awin, Daisycon, Partnerize, Tradedoubler, TradeTracker

Turning off cookies

If you turn off cookies or do not give us your permission to place cookies, we still have to place the essential ones, for you to be able to visit the web pages of our site and to use our online functionalities free of error.

If you want to adjust the use of cookies a/o remove certain cookies, go to the settings of your browser─in the toolbar of your web browser─and adjust your preferences for our website at “cookie settings”, at any time.

Cookies of third parties

Sportshowroom is not responsible for the use of cookies by third parties. We can only advise you to read the cookie policies of these third parties and if you do not agree with the use of cookies of a certain third party, to block the cookies of this company / organization / site.

Modifications of this policy

To stay up-to-date with the developments and requirements of international laws and to keep up with (changing) user expectations of our service, Sportshowroom retains the right to modify this cookie policy, without further notice. That is why we recommend you to read this policy from time to time and make adjustments to the use of cookies when your preferences have been changed.

By continuously using this website, you agree with possible modifications of our cookie policy.

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